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Faculty Conference Room Assignments and Other Announcements

Image courtesy of Prof Anna Theresa Santiago.

Quick Downloads (PDF-printable Format):
Conference Program
Conference Guide (Includes everything you see here in a printable format)

This post contains information on:
  • Room Pairing
  • Workshop Grouping
  • Travel Arrangement
  • Additional Information
This post will be updated as frequently as possible prior to the Conference itself, so check here as often as possible. Please do not hesitate to post your comment here or ask the Dean's Office for any inquiry you may have. Thank you. - Conference Secretariat

Here is the room arrangement/pairing for the faculty conference. The list identifies who will be with whom. Actual room number assignments shall be given during registration.

Please inform the Secretariat for any swap that you wish during the check-in.

Note: List based on confirmed participants provided by department chairs, and changes received by Secretariat as of April 22.

Two in a Room
Unit 1 – Chancellor Ramon Arcadio
Dean Reynaldo Imperial

Three in a room
Unit 1 – Jocelyn Del Mundo
Andrea Martinez
Natividad Lacdan

Unit 2
Josephine Agapito
Sharon Caringal
Gina Salazar

Five in a room
Unit 1 – Mariam Tuvera
Elisa Co
Marla Endriga
Anna Santiago
Rhea Obera

Unit 2 – Jay Dalet
Sabino Padilla
Leonardo Estacio, Jr
Ralph Lapuz
Jasper Obico

Unit 3 – Marilen Parungao
Elena Ragrario
Rosario Rubite
Celia Bonilla
Aurea Dioquino

Unit 4 – Bernard Karganilla
Vivencio Nuestro
Bernard Mangubat
Jose Ogatis
Jan Michael Bernadas

Unit 5 – Doroteo Abaya
Danilo Aragon
Roy Tumlos
Noel Quiming
Arnulfo Esguerra

Unit 6 – Edanjarlo Marquez
Herbert Domingo
Rolando Llarenos
Jobert Dela Cruz
Marcelino Panganiban

Unit 7 – Josefina De los Reyes
Honey Achanzar-Labor
Rosa Maria Llanes
Olivia Koh
Grace Odal-Devora

Seven in a room
Unit 1 – Donna Bautista
Carolina Pulumbarit
Leah Rubio
Anjelyn Del Rosario
Janice Ng
Kimberly Beltran
Heidi Frisco

Unit 2 – Kreza Ligaya
Alexis Villaflor
Mishima Miciano
Avegail Carpio
Diana Agbayani
Cristina Martin
Sarah Johnson

Unit 3 – Ralph Mendoza
George Regaspi
Carl Ramota
Francisco de Guzman
Chester Arcilla
Mikee Inton
Geoffrey Li

Conference Secretariat Room / Room for Seven- Jalton Taguibao
Geoffrey Solano
Laufred Hernandez
Ricky Bulalakaw
(Others who were in the list submitted by the department but verbally informed the Secretariat thay will not attend, and then finally attended.)

Here are pictures of the DAP Conference Center.

During workshop sessions, you would be divided into groups, members of which have been randomly assigned.

Curriculum - Red
Edanjarlo J. Marques, DPSM
Herbert B. Domingo, DPSM
Mary Dorothy dL. Jose, DSS
Bernard L. M. Karganilla, DSS
Josefina J. De Los Reyes, DB
Marilen M. Parungao, DB
Elena M. Ragrario, DB
Rosario R. Rubite, DB
Honey Libertine R. Achanzar-Labor, DAC
Donna Aeldred C. Bautista, DAC
Jan Michael Alejandre C. Bernadas, DAC
Gina S. Salazar, DAC
Aurea D. Dioquino, DPE
Marcelino E. Panganiban, DPE
Rosa Maria Llanes, DBS
Jocelyn A. Chan-Del Mundo, DBS

Teaching - Blue
Oliva C. Koh, DPSM
Leah Rubio, DPSM
Anjelyn B. Del Rosario, DPSM
Ralph Julius Mendoza, DPSM
Geofrey Li, DPSM
Kreza Geovien Ligaya, DPSM
Alexis Villaflor, DPSM
Ariel S. Betan, DSS
Benjamin R. Mangubat, DSS
Jerome A. Ong, DSS
Aleli Jilliean L. Sia, DB
Janice L. Velasco-Ng, DB
JPaul S. Manzanilla, DAC
Mishima Miciano, DAC
Vivencio J. Nuestro, DPE
Andrea Martinez, DBS

Extension and Community Work - Green
Sarah C. Johnson, DPSM
Ronald Florendo Llarenas, DPSM
George Allen Regaspi, DPSM
Jobert J. Dela Cruz, DPSM
Bernie Terrado, DPSM
Avigail Carpio, DPSM
Doroteo C. Abaya, DSS
Danilo M. Aragon, DSS
Francis Ron C. De Guzman, DSS
Arnulfo N. Esguerra, DSS
Josephine D. Agapito, DB
Natividad F. Lacdan, DB
Ralp Sedricke C. Lapuz, DB
Diana R. Agbayani, DAC

Research - Brown
Roy B. Tumlos, DPSM
Noel S. Quiming, DPSM
Cristina B. Martin, DPSM
Rowena Bastero, DPSM
Chester C. Arcilla, DSS
Mariam Soraya P. Tuvera, DSS
Kimberly S. Beltran, DB
Elisa L. Co, DB
Marla A. Endriga, DB
Heidie L. Frisco, DB
Jasper John A. Obico, DB
Jay T. Dalet, DB
Celia M. Bonilla, DAC
Grace P. Odal-Devora, DAC
Jose V. Ogatis, DAC
Laurie S. Ramiro, DBS
Leonardo R. Estacio Jr., DBS

Please coordinate with the Dean's Office if you will have your own vehicle or through your admin staff if you will be joining the bus trip. The bus shall be taking the Sta. Rosa route (not Aguinaldo Highway, sorry for the incorrect information previously given) to the DAP Conference Center.

If anyone wishes to join the advance group, there are three seats available. The advance group shall leave CAS at 6:30 AM on April 24.

The bus on the way home shall take SLEX but the exit to be taken shall be confirmed with the driver.

A Conference Kit shall be given during registration. Please read the Conference Guide included in the kit, as well as the "House Rules" in each room you will be assigned to.

The program is available for download here. You may download the Faculty Conference Guide here. Please contact the Dean's Office for any question or comments regarding the program or the room assignments. Thank you.

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