Thursday, May 7, 2009

CAS Faculty Conference 2009 Files to be uploaded

The Office of the Dean is finishing the compilation of files (e.g., presentations, recordings, documents) used in the CAS Faculty Conference 2009 held last April 24-25 at the DAP Conference Center. It is proposed that these files be made available online for easy reference.

Currently, the Office of the Dean has the following files, being processed (transformed to uneditable format) for uploading to a podcast or at Faura Online:

  1. Conference Introduction(Presentation File in PDF)
  2. Plenary Session Speeches (Recording)
  3. Plenary Session Presentations (Presentation File in PDF)
  4. Workshop Presentations (Presentation File in PDF)
  5. Conference Summary (Document in PDF)
  6. Conference Proceedings (Document in PDF)
  7. After Activity Report - An evaluation report on the support and event management aspect of the Conference (Document in PDF)
If you have any ideas, comments or suggestion, please feel free to contact the Information Officer.

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