Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CAS hosts film forum of 'Engkuwentro'

"Engkuwentro," an independently produced film and finalist in the Cinemalaya 2009, will hold a film forum here on Thursday, July 16, at the Little Theater at 10 am.

The film tells the story of two brothers, Richard and Raymond. Richard (Felix Roco) is the leader of his gang, Bagong Buwan, while his younger brother Raymond is just being inducted to the rival gang, Bagong Dilim.

Complications arise at a deadly midnight engkwentro (square-off), when Raymond is given the task of killing his older brother while the city mayor-backed vigilante group hunts teen gangsters. Will the two brothers fall to the hands of the death squads?

Produced and directed by Pepe Diokno, the film will be screened on Sunday, July 19 at the CCP Main Theater at 6:15 pm.

The film forum promises to share the crew's experiences while creating the film as well as technical knowledge in the development, principal photography and post production phases.

The forum will be an excellent resource for arts and filmmaking classes, as well as social sciences dealing with issues of power and contemporary social dynamics.

For more information, you may contact the Dean's Office.

Richard (Felix Roco) and Raymond (Daniel Medrana) are two teenage brothers. Richard is the leader of his gang, "Bagong Buwan," while Raymond is just being inducted into rival gang, "Batang Dilim." Complications arise at a deadly midnight engkwentro (square-off), when Raymond is given the task of killing his older brother.

Meanwhile, the City Death Squad lurks the streets. This real-life vigilante group is allegedly backed by the city mayor (Celso Ad Castillo) and responsible for many unsolved murders of teen gangsters. Today, they are hunting down Richard. Will they take the younger brother, too?

Starring Felix Roco, Zyrus Desamparado, Daniel Medrana, Eda Nolan, Bayang Barrios, Jim Libiran, and Celso Ad Castillo.

Produced & Directed by Pepe Diokno.

Cinematography: Emman Pascual.

Sound Design: Mark Laccay.

Asst. Directors: Bianca Balbuena, Jerson Guiwa.

Production Manager: Chie Floresca.

Editor: Miko Araneta.

Visual Effects: Orlean Tan, Ralph Crisostomo.

A Cinemalaya presenatation.

About the Director
At only 21 years old, PEPE DIOKNO is Cinemalaya's youngest finalist ever.

An undergraduate film major at the University of the Philippines, Pepe's first movie, "No Passport Needed," was nominated Best Short Film at the 2006 Cinemalaya.

His second, "Dancing for Discipline," for which he spent a year touring jails around the country, has been received well by audiences here, a well as in Brazil, France, and the United States.

Pepe writes a column for top national broadsheet, The Philippine Star.

"Engkwentro: is his first feature-length film.

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