Sunday, August 9, 2009

Network Outage

We regret to inform you that as per advise of the Information Management Service (IMS) Office, the College will not have Internet access due to maintenance work with the fiber optic cable between Old Neda Building and the College. Internet-related services (eg, email, web, chat, etc.) are temporarily out for an indefinite period, whether wired or wireless.

The college currently does not have information on the length of time to restore internet connection.

This means access to locally hosted services (eg, CAS Website, CAS Online Journal) are also out, while externally hosted services (eg, Faura Online, AIDS Course website) are still available through their original URLs.

Visitors to the CAS website ( or any website that attempts to go to that URL will display “Connection has timed out” error or similar error message.

Faura Online and similar externally hosted services will still be available, but they have to be accessed using their original URL. For Faura Online, the URL is Accessing the will display an error message.

(As of the moment of posting, the UP Manila website cannot be accessed either.)

The College is currently studying what workaround can be done for the situation.

We hope for your understanding and patience.

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