Monday, September 21, 2009

Meeting: Committee on Self Assessment

Notice of Meeting

For: All members of the Committee on Self-Assessment and Chair and Co-Chairs of Sub-Committees

UPM-CAS Central Committee on Self-Assessment

Prof. Gina Salazar (DAC), Associate Dean
Prof. Laufred Hernandez (DBS)
Prof. Josefina Delos Reyes (DB)
Prof. Jalton Taguibao (DSS)
Prof. Roy Tumlos (DPSM)
Prof. Isidro Sia, Chancellor’s Representative
Ms. Juvy Macapagal (DBS), Student Representative
Mr. Ricky Bulalakaw (Office of the Dean)
Ms. Carlota Surat (College Administrative Officer)

UPM-CAS-Subcommittees on Self-Assessment (Chairs/Co-Chairs)

Prof. Oliva Koh (DPSM), SC on Faculty Evaluation
Prof. Pacita Gavino (DAC), SC on Faculty Evaluation
Prof. Leothiny Clavel (DSS), SC on Instruction
Prof. Junie Billones (DPSM), SC on Instruction
Prof. Bernard Karganilla (DSS), SC on Library
Ms. Guillerma Panizales, College Librarian, SC on Library
Prof. Marilou Nicolas (DPSM), SC on Laboratories
Prof. Marilen Parungao (DB), SC on Laboratories
Prof. Edanjarlo Marquez (DPSM), SC on Physical Plant
Prof. Sabino Padilla (DBS), SC on Student Services
Prof. Anna Santiago (DPSM), SC on Student Services
Prof. Jocelyn Del Mundo (DBS), SC on Administration
Prof. Roland Simbulan (DSS), SC on Administration

From: Dean Reynaldo Imperial

Date: September 23, 2009, Wednesday
Time: 10:00 am
Venue: CAS Alumni Conference Room

  1. Functions of sub-committees
  2. Strategies on gathering data
  3. Finalization of calendar of activities
Please confirm your attendance with Ms Carlota Surat, Administrative Officer.

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