Monday, October 12, 2009

Memo: College Information Technology Committee

For: Department Chairs
From: The Dean

In the last Information System Strategic Planning workshop organized by the University Information Technology Council and the Information Management Service, it has been recommended that an IT body be formed in each of the colleges and units. This body will have the following functions:
  1. To formulate plans and proposals on the College's information system based on the unit's processes and functions (academic, administrative, research, etc.)
  2. To formulate college-level operational procedures on information management while being integrated with the University's information management system.
  3. To provide recommendations on how to address information-related issues of the College.
The College was represented in said planning workshop by Prof Geoffrey Solano, CAS IT Officer; Prof Richard Bryan Chua, CAS Representative to the IT Council; and Ricky Bulalakaw, college information officer.

In line with this, the College will create an IT Committee with representatives from all the departments and chaired by Professor Solano. Professor Chua will serve as co-chair and Mister Bulalakaw will serve as secretary.

Please submit the name of your department's representative to DPSM on or before Friday, October 16, 2009, so that the committee may arrange its first meeting. You may also email Professor Solano directly for the name of your department representative. Thank you.

Copy Furnished: Prof Geoffrey Solano (DPSM), Prof Richard Bryan Chua (DPSM)

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