Sunday, April 11, 2010

Memo: CAS Faculty Conference 2010 Updates

Due to the unavailability of resource speakers for our faculty conference on the dates earlier set (April 16, 17, 29, and 30), we are postponing the activities to the following dates:

  • Pre-Conference – April 23 and 24, CAS Little Theater
  • Conference Proper – May 7 and 8, Venue to be announced

We are attaching the pre-conference program for your reference. We have also attached the SWOT questionnaire for your research and extension activities, which are the main topics in the conference. Please contact Prof Laufred Hernandez (DBS), Prof Jalton Taguibao (DSS) or Prof Anna Theresa Santiago (DB), or Prof Geoffrey Solano (DPSM) if you have questions regarding the questionnaire or the conference proper.

Let me remind you that all full-time faculty members have to attend the pre-Conference program on April 23-24. Please re-confirm your attendance using the attached survey for us to know how many kits and food sets to prepare. We will get the survey form on or before April 16, Friday.

Lastly, for other updates, we will be setting up an event website for the conference. The link will be posted to Faura Online and will also be sent to your department chairperson's email.

I look forward to everyone's active participation in the conference. Thank you very much.

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