Monday, July 12, 2010

Memo: CAS Alumni Association Junior Faculty Grant

Date: July 8, 2010

For: All Department Chairs

I am pleased to tell you that we will be giving the CAS Alumni Association Junior Faculty Grant on the CAS Foundation Week. The Office of the Dean through Professor Samuel Go is accepting nominations until 12 nn of next Friday, July 16.

The criteria for evaluation of the recipient of the grant are the same as those for professorial chair, save for the following additional requirements:

1. Nominee must not be a recipient of other professorial chairs or grants for the academic year.
2. Nominee must be a junior faculty member; that is, the nominee must be either an Instructor or an Assistant Professor.

Please send your department’s nomination at the schedule indicated above, as the grant shall be evaluated by the AAC. The Grant shall be given during the Closing Ceremonies of the CAS Foundation Week.

If you have any question, you may contact Professor Go at the Department of Biology. Thank you.

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