Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Solano, Chua join climate change conference committe

Two faculty members from the Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics have joined the organizing committee of the UP Manila Conference on Global Climate Change.

Profs Geoffrey Solano, College IT Office head, and Richard Bryan Chua, Mathematical and Computing Sciences Unit, have joined the committee and will initially contribute in the promotional efforts of the Conference.

The promotions sub committee, headed by Professor Lapuz, will have a meeting on August 14 to discuss specific audience and communication channels available to the College.

As of the moment, the conference committee has 13 members. The other 11 are:

1.Anna Theresa Santiago, MS (DB)
2.Marilen Parungao, MS (DB)
3.Heidie Frisco, MS (DB)
4.Sedricke Ralphe Lapuz, MS (DB)
5.Joy Beltran, MD (DB)
6.Kimberly Beltran, MS (DB)
7.Natividad Lacdan, MS (DB)
8.Francisco De Guzman, JD (DSS)
9.Dorothy Jose, MA (DSS)
10.Carlota Surat, MBA (OADPD)
11.Ricky Bulalakaw, BA (DO)

Dr Edanjarlo Marquez, Prof Fatima Alvarez-Castillo and Prof Roland Simbulan will join the sub committee on papers, which will assess abstracts of research papers submitted for the parallel sessions.

For more information about the conference, please feel free to the website (Some pages, including the homepage, are still under construction.) at

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