Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Available CAS website hosted by IMS

The Information Management Service (IMS) Office hosted a training of content management software (CMS) wherein Prof Sedricke Lapuz and I attended for the College of Arts and Sciences. In that training, we created a website using Drupal.

Drupal, a CMS, allows multiple users to create a website with different inputs. The original CAS website actually is using a similar type of sytem, called Joomla.

Just in case you are interested in trying it out, feel free to register here:

After registering, you may need to wait one business day for me to approve your registration. It is more of a technical requirement than anything.

Please send me an email at to notify me that you have registered. Please include the username and email address you have used to register.

Hopefully, in light of the recent issue of our internet access, this can allow us to create a website which will be temporarily available until the connection issue is resolved (instead of waiting for an agonizing number of minutes only to be told "Connection timed out" or another error message).

IMS will take care of redirecting the URL "" to that particular website while waiting for the reconnection.

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