Thursday, August 13, 2009

CAS back online!

The College of Arts and Sciences is back online.

The Information Management Service (IMS) Office has quickly resolved the connection issue today, August 14.

The GAB Internet connection, which is still not online, will be reconnected next week, according to IMS.

(The CAS Website is hosted in the server which is at GAB.)

The following faculty members and staff are to be thanked for the quick resolution of the issue:
  1. Prof Roli Talampas, IMS Director, for utilizing his own network of associates to facilitate the repair of the physical connection.
  2. Dr Roel Ocampo, UPD Computer Center Director.
  3. UPD-CC tech staff (Francis ...)
  4. jarvy and paolo, IMS helpdesk staff who assisted roel and francis in the ordeal
  5. Rina (?) who relayed vital information re our network for consideration
  6. OUR for allowing roel and francis use of their lababo, tubig and soap, to clean up after the job
If you have any further connection issue, you may contact the Information Officer to check the settings of your connection.

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